Sunset Ridge


Sunset Ridge is one of several private residences completed by Tony Brooks Architects Ltd. In the island. Indeed, the company’s policy is against photographing and publicising the private domains of its clients but this client volunteered their Sitting and Dining areas to the production of this brochure.

Residence features concepts of tropical architecture with a strong emphasis on natural ventilation, natural materials, extensive landscape, the use of colour and large door and window opening to bring the lush landscape into the residence.

Features also are traditional tropical architectural elements including an extensive use of Demerara shutters throughout, traditional Barbadian entrance doors (with flaps) and warm interior colours. The residence is set in lushly landscaped grounds.

The warmth of the spaces exemplify everything that it Caribbean: vibrant colours, indigenous art and comfortable furnishings and elegant simplicity.


ARCHITECTS Tony Brooks Architects Ltd



INTERIORS Tony Brooks Architects Ltd


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