Q.How much does it cost to engage an architect?


Generally, Fees for design services will be one of the following but will be agreed before the start of services:

a. Time Charged fees (Time spent on behalf of the project is billed based on our Schedule of Rates).

b. Percentage fees ( Fees are based on the Final Construction cost of the works).

c. Lump Sum or Fixed Fees. (These fees are discussed and agreed with you at the start of the project and will be based on mutually agreed criteria and a scope of works. They will remain for the duration of the project except if the scope of works are altered or if there is a change in the criteria agreed).


Associated with the delivery of service will be Expenses. These will be charged to you at cost and will include the cost of:

1. Travel to and from the site.

2. Accommodation and other expenses associated with having the building surveyed/measured.

3. The cost of couriers.

4. Postage and overseas telephone calls.

5. Printing, photo copying and plotting.