Lodge School


Lodge School, Society, St John is arguably one of the oldest secondary schools in the Eastern Caribbean. Over the decades, the school, though it has remained in use, has fallen into disrepair. This re-development project seeks to refurbish certain of the buildings at the school and erect new ones to make them more relevant to a curriculum in a technological age and a hugely increased student population.

The buildings portrayed include an 1840’s building which formed the neucleus of the original school and which has been totally restored and one of the several new teaching blocks that constitute the upgraded plant.

Find more images of the Lodge School Renovations and new buildings in our Projects Gallery


ARCHITECTS Tony Brooks Architects Ltd

CIVIL AND STR. ENGINEERS Guy Griffith Engineers Ltd.

SERVICES ENGINEERS Leverage Consulting Engineers Ltd.

QUANTITY SURVEYORS Cost Engineering Consultants.

CONTRACTORS Innotech Services Ltd.