The YMCA Redevelopment


The YMCA has been a highly influential organisation within the social landscape of Barbados for a number of generations. The organisation's facilities have served YMCA members as well as other members of the public over the years and have therefore experienced the expected degredation and decay. Furthermore the capabilities of the facilities have been surpassed by the ambitions of the YMCA with regard to the hosting of a wider range of sports and other recreational activities.

The YMCA has therefore endeavored to improve and extend their facilities by means of an extensive redevelopment project which aims to bring the organisation's  facilities into the 21st century and significantly improve the facilities capabilities to host events held by the YMCA as well as by other public agents. 

The Redevelopment of the YMCA shall include the improvement of parking facilities, improvement of the sports field, installation of a running track and appropriate sports field lighting, the construction of small offices, a pavilion, a canteen , dormitories, conference and meeting space and an auditorium capable of hosting a number of sports at international spatial standards.