Home Sweet Home

Tony Brooks Architects Ltd. participated in the Home Sweet Home project spearheaded by Arawak Cement Ltd.

As a practice TBA has long pondered how we as professional architects can respond in a meaningful manner to the challenge of housing our peoples and especially those who are least able to provide quality housing for themselves due to financial constraints.

This project provided us with the opportunity to test the theory that useful, functional, comfortable, attractive and economical accommodation can be provided for those communities.

It confirms our theory that our 1960s rural housing projects can be refurbished and taken to a new level with a little thought on the part of our housing planners. It confirms to us that communities at Grazettes, Parkinson Field, the Pine etc. can enjoy a more pleasant and comfortable quality of accommodation with a relatively small spend.

We now need the opportunity to test how community architecture can be fostered. An architecture where professional guidance is readily available and where residents are given the opportunity to do the construction themselves.  We are comfortable with the view that collectively we have the skills across our several communities to upgrade our housing plant

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