About Us

Tony Brooks Architects Ltd. is a limited liability architectural practice based in Barbados and with associate companies in Dominica and St. Lucia. We were incorporated two decades ago and, from inception, have maintained a complement of versatile, efficient and creative staff.

Our spectrum of projects range from residential through to recreational and include among others schools, offices and university facilities, theatres, stadia, indoor sports facilities and hotels.

We view access to sound and enlightened architectural services as a commodity to which all are entitled.

Each project is approached without preconceptions and is tailored to the particular needs of each client and the characteristics of the site.

Tony Brooks Architects is heavily motivated by the need to deliver quality services on time, within budget and that consistently meet and exceed our clients’ satisfaction

To respond to the various needs of our clients, we foster and maintain smart partnerships with other professionals in the construction industry known for excellence in their respective disciplines along with the prompt and efficient delivery of service.


Our approach to the Delivery of Services:

The delivery of our services is driven by our design philosophy that dictates that;

a. architectural design is a process that begins and ends with the needs of our clients.

b. each project is unique.

c. client involvement forms an integral part of the design process.

d. senior staff will always be present to guide the decision making process.

e. we shall deliver an excellent service to our clients.


Our approach is outlined thus:

• A principal works with all new clients to establish project requirements including siting, relevant statutory requirements, the project brief, budget, programme, and the need for other consultants to be engaged on the project.

• A principal is intimately involved in the preparation of initial design sketches for discussion with and approval of the client.

• A project architect is assigned to carry the project through the other procurement stages including the final design, production, tendering and construction stages of the project. In developing and refining schematic designs, we rely on user group input, in-house critiques, and design charrettes to drive the design process.

• The project architect works with the Planning Department and other statutory departments to resolve issues that impact the granting of Planning Permissions.

• Throughout the above stages, a principal maintains communication links with the client on all critical issues and with the design development team. He is intimately involved in all presentations to the client and users groups.

• A principal leads the process of selecting contractors for the project and making recommendations to the client on project start and completion dates.